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Let me tell you about the time I was glad to have the LinuC.

I was suddenly asked the following questions onsite.
What does this log mean?
Can you manage this server? It’s running on Solaris.
Can you set up this server?
What command do I use here?
I could answer thanks to the LinuC tests.

LPIC is an internationally-recognaized test of Linux ability!

LinuC is an internationally recognized test of Linux ability administered by LPI-Japan. It is recognized as a fair and neutral test of Linux ability and is an international standard for Linux certification. Reaching number 1 in several rankings, LinuC is recognized by Japanese system engineers as being the qualification which most increases the chance of success in the industry.

Source: IT Engineer, Skill Questionnaire 2013[Work IT Engineers Choose, Qualification Ranking]

Your knowledge will improve 2-fold!
Aim for becoming a sought after engineer!

Which engineer would you want to be?

Many projects would choose to employ engineers like B.
Why would they choose B over A, who has three years of experience?
This is because, in addition to the knowledge gained onsite, B has the kind of knowledge only gained from the LinuC. It could be said B has twice the knowledge and know-how of A. A chosen engineer is a well-sought-after engineer.
In other words, you can gain more work! Because of this, there will be a big difference in the state of their careers in three years time.

LinuC is a test of Linux, but it is useful for understanding UNIX OS’s such as Solaris and HP-UX, too. So knowledge gained in studying for the LinuC can make you an instant asset in work places which use UNIX, also. In other words, it could be said that your knowledge will improve more than 2-fold.

B has the kind of knowledge only gained from the LPIC.

If you want to get ahead in the IT industry and be like B in one year’s time,
apply for a free trial lesson!

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We at Zeus Linux Training Center / Zeus Network Training Center have confidence in our ability to train you in Linux and guide you towards getting your LinuC qualification.

Zeus Linux Training Center / Zeus Network Training Center is an authorized academic training partner of LPI-Japan, the organization which administers the LinuC certifications in Japan. Our instructors are certified LinuC-Japan Partner Instructors and have the knowledge and experience which lives up to this title. We have absolute confidence in our abilities to teach you Linux.

Our parent company is a staffing agency specializing in IT and has long been involved in producing System Engineers who are instant assets when sent out to work onsite. Due to our superb reputation, our in-house training has long been recognized for its excellence and our training center was established in part to meet the demand for making our training available to people outside the company.

At Zeus Linux Training Center / Zeus Network Training Center we conduct small classes where the instructors can give their full attention to every student. With us, you can increase your knowledge in ways you cannot with other schools, many of whom do video lessons, because you have direct access to our instructors who will impart to you the know-how they learned on the job.

It is not possible to learn Linux without practicing on a real computer.

In order to learn the skills which will be useful in the IT industry, it is not enough to simply memorize what’s in the textbooks.
It is only once you try what you are ZeusITCamp on a real computer that you begin to truly learn. This is not an industry in which you can survive by merely memorizing. Why not learn correctly in a short-term concentrated course and get some results!

Consider the chart below. The cheap school has short classes and is book-only study. The school with the longest classes is expensive and does video lessons in the student’s free time. This may be reasonable for some student’s situation, but how much will the student’s really learn? At Zeus Linux Training Center / Zeus Network Training Center, we do a 10-day, short-term concentrated course and we have prepared a curriculum where you can feel yourself progress daily.

    Zeus Linux Training Center / Zeus Network Training Center School A School B School C  
Lesson fees   246,000yen 95,000yen 430,500yen 100,000yen  
Test fees   Separate Separate Separate Separate  
Time   70 hours 15 hours 200 hours 80 hours  
Length   10 days 〜 6 months 1〜3 weeks 12 months 6 months  
Style   Actual practice of
commands and
direct instruction
Classes Video lessons Video lessons  

Take a free trial lesson!

We offer free trial lessons.

Just check our calendar, choose the day you want a trial lesson, and contact us for an appointment!

For those who might worry that if they participate in a free lesson they won’t be left alone until they sign a contract, such worries are unnecessary with us. We conduct trial lessons with sincerity.

Linux English Course Teacher Carl Stevens


The instructor is a native English Speaker with over 14 years experience teaching in Japan. Carl also speaks Japanese, making the class suitable for those without much confidence in their English. We recommend this class for those who wish to improve their English while studying Linux.


  • LinuC 302 (Mixed Environment)
  • LinuC 301 (Core)
  • CCNA
  • Japanese Proficiency Test, Level 1 (日本語能力試験1級)
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